This 4 Cylinder Subaru Is a Seven Second Car

What else is there to say other than "it's fast?"

3y ago

I'm aware that in the world of car modding, pretty much nothing is impossible. If you can dream it and have the resources, you can pretty much build it. However, that doesn't mean everyone sees their crazy dream builds through; in fact, I know very few people that see their builds all the way through to completion.

At some point, the owner of the White Bullet thought to himself "I bet I can make this 4 cylinder run a 7 second quarter." Then he went out and did it. And at the Import VS Domestic World Cup Finals, he showed everyone the product of his work. What's impressive is that this Subaru is still a six speed manual.

The way this car rocks off the starting line is a sight to behold, then it just disappears. It is so flipping fast! The White Bullet still has the stock STI 2.5L engine, but it's outfitted with a 76MM turbo. Some weight was removed, making this car weigh a total of 2,600 LBS.

The White Bullet was able to run a 7.97 @ 168 MPH, making it the fastest 4 cylinder, six speed Subaru in the world. Congrats, guys!


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