This '47 Chevy Truck Restomod packs over 600hp from a Cummins 12v swap

70- Year Old Truck ready to slay modern supercars on the 1/4 mile!

4w ago


Sorry, how much?! Was my reaction when the owner of this '47 Chey Loadmaster cheerfully informed that his over 70-year old truck with bench seats, a distinct lack of seat belts, ABS or any other 'safety equipment', puts down north of 600bhp and over a 1000nm. The juice comes courtesy of a 5.9 litre 12 valve Cummins, with a turbo the size of a watermelon feeding it the compressed air.

Now, this isn't just some lunatics project along the lines of 'all power and no handling', while the truck isn't about to set any track records, it's more than 'just road-legal'. Featuring a host of modern upgrades including, air-boosted brakes, clutch, front suspension as well as a custom made rear suspension set-up (that isn't air boosted), the truck is 'normal enough' for Bob to run it as his daily driver the past few months!


What else... oh yeah we don't know exactly how much torque the truck makes! The engine dyno where it was tested wasn't exactly meant for this sort of application, so while it handled the 630hp fine, it ran out of scale to give us a full torque figure.

As such it's known as the 1000+ nm torque truck, or just 'the truck with all the torque'. In any case, those who know what the Cummins platform is capable of will know that the actual torque figure likely sits at least a few hundred-newton meters higher.

Would you dare to ride along in the Big Bertha? Let us know by commenting below!

You can follow more of our adventures here on my profile!


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Comments (21)

  • This is me

      25 days ago
  • Sounds like Stubby Bob’s crack addict cousin.

      25 days ago
  • Yaaaaasss

      25 days ago
  • If he puts bigger tires in the back, it might reduce some wheel spin and get even better mileage, it’s an awesome truck and fun to play with, I own a 1969 gmc dually with a 12’ flat deck for ten years and its still part of the family and still a lot of fun

      25 days ago
    • Your truck sounds cool! I believe it's quite difficult to find the right wheels for the truck in the UK, I believe the are 17.5" and a slightly odd or simply old PCD. Since a couple of extra bits were added to the rear suspension which reduced the...

      Read more
        25 days ago
  • 12 Volt...??

      24 days ago


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