This 50 year old 1971 Corvette C3 has only done 1,339 Miles and its on sale

Also boasts a Benchmark award

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Classic American muscle cars have always been in demand and fashion. Especially if it belongs from the sweet 60s and 70s. And if you’re someone who lives to get their hands on one of these in their lifetime, you couldn’t get luckier.

A ’71 third-generation Chevrolet Corvette has just popped up for sale on eBay with an asking price of $80,000. The current bid stands at $60,600 at the time of writing, while less than nine hours remain before the bid closes. Interested buyers should act soon as this used car’s traits make it more attractive than its stunning exteriors.

It has clocked merely 1339 miles (or 2155kms) since new, which puts its annual miles-driven count to less than 27 miles (or 43 km) on average. The owner further describes its condition to be “exceptional” and a “Benchmark survivor”. If the latter didn’t make much sense to you, Benchmark is the highest award presented at Bloomington for unrestored factory original cars, and this acquired its acclaim in 1996.

Underneath its pretty Steel Cities Grey exterior, the car comes with a 330hp 5.7-litre V8 engine, labelled with one of the cooler names for an engine - ‘Turbo Fire’. It is mated to a four-speed manual transmission, sending power to the rear wheels. You won’t have to jump in the car for your early morning workout as this gets power steering as well as power brakes.

Even though this is a half-a-century old car, you won’t be devoid of basic creature comforts. Stuff like power windows, tilt telescopic steering, and push-button radio stereo can be found inside. And even basic luxury such as an all-black leather upholstery is present inside the cabin too. Even though the seats do carry some wrinkles, the dashboard and dials look well preserved. And why won’t it has barely been driven over 30 miles annually since it left the factory.

The seller would be providing the buyer with the necessary documentation, including the original sale invoice as well as the benchmark certification. Moreover, the seller notes this as the perfect time to get yourself this C3 Corvette, courtesy of its 50th-anniversary completion this year. Still reading? Fetch your digital payment details!

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