This 500hp Lotus Exige may be the ultimate track car

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If I ask you to name the best sounding engine layouts, I’m sure the most common answers are the growling V8 and the screaming V12. However, I would argue that the more modest 6-cylinder has something to shout about.

That’s one thing this track-focused, modified Lotus Exige S can do for days. In fact, thanks to a fantastic V6 engine hitting over 9,000rpm and an Ajko Titanium exhaust, it sounds like a choir full of angels has been shoved into the boot.

Aside from the absolutely astonishing sound, the engine is also pretty special because of its power output. In fact, the little Lotus has a total of 500hp shooting through the rear axle. For a car that struggles to pass the tonne barrier, that’s a whole lot of power. The bump from the Exige S’s standard 220hp is mainly thanks to a Harrop TVS1900 Supercharger kit which was designed specially to work with the Toyota V6 that sits in the Exige’s engine bay.

Inside the car, it's pretty clear what the car is for, with racing seats and harnesses, a totally stripped out cabin and a seriously race-focused dashboard. With that ‘eargasmic’ sound and a car as light as the Exige, this is surely the best track car for someone looking to have some fun. That being said, any car that comes out of the Hethel factory will be the ideal inhabitant of your local racetrack.

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  • Much prefer a solid inline 6 myself

    10 days ago
    2 Bumps
  • That standard V6 Exige S has 350 bhp not 220bhp, that was the 4 cylinder mk2.

    11 days ago
    2 Bumps


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