- Image showing the new M49 junction – by Highways England

This £50m junction can't be used by motorists and is angering many locals

It was built years ago but still isn't connected to any roads

14w ago

An unconnected junction on the M49 near Bristol has appeared in the news over the last few years because it still isn't connected to any roads, meaning motorists can't yet use it.

This £50 million investment into the M49 was finished back in 2019, yet it still sits alone collecting dust because developer Delta Properties hasn't connected it to the local road network yet.

This prolonged delay has caused a lot of frustration among locals with many sending letters to local authorities and local papers to try and see some action taking place.

When completed, the plan was to connect this junction to the M49 motorway connecting large companies and districts including Western Approach Distribution Park, used by companies such as Amazon, Lidl and Tesco.

This has lead hundreds of people to wonder whether it will ever be connected up. The exact cause of this delay hasn't been identified but it is likely a mixture of the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of materials due to Brexit and lorry driver shortages.

What do you think should be done?

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Comments (24)

  • Looks like a pretty sick race track to me…

      3 months ago
    • I agree although it would make a perfect Indy 500 type kart track. It would have been even better if banked.

        3 months ago
    • Yeah banking would be an issue, especially given how small it is

        3 months ago
  • They could put grand stands up 🤣😆 Get your mullets ready "Nascar coming to Bristol 2022"

      3 months ago
  • JUNCTION is the most British word in the world. It reminds me of Thomas The Tank.

      3 months ago
  • just connect it, stupid Delta. the government should MAKE them do it.

      3 months ago
  • "What do you think should be done?"

    Testicular kickings for everyone involved.

      3 months ago