T​his 600LT didn't survive the Tail Of The Dragon.

8w ago

I​ made my yearly trip down to Tail Of the Dragon on Friday. Just a simple day trip where I drive about 4 hours one way, just to drive some more, then drive 4 hours home. If you aren't aware of the driving bliss of this road can offer, I suggest looking it up. It's very documented road and hailed as the best driving road in the USA. And although it is a drivers paradise, it can also be your downfall. That's why I go. At the Killboy Shop/Store I spotted this beatiful 600LT in white. Simply stunning. However it appears the car didn't survive the weekend. I'm sure with all the go-pro's mounted to cars/bikes on this road there is a chance for a glimpse of what happened. Or possibly not because it is 11 miles and 300+ turns. It's easy to say "can't buy talent" or something about the driver screwing up, but you never know on this road. Could have very easily have been wild life on the road, tree limbs, or another vehicle crossing the center line. But of course, if you spend the weekend down there, logging lots of miles, you'll only master 1/16th of the road. It's very tricky and it's easy to get over confident in your abilities. Happens to many of us who've driven it hard. Sometimes you don't get burned to bad, other times, very. This driver is lucky to walk away from dropping a car off the edge of this road. More so on the cliff side, and not the rock side. It can be a long way down!

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Comments (3)

  • Ooof!!

      1 month ago
  • Damn. When you're living on the edge, not much room for error.

      1 month ago
    • There's no room for error on this road to start with. It's tons of fun, but will ruin your day real quick.

        1 month ago