This 66,000 mile Porsche Carrera GT used to be a write-off

What an interesting history this car has...

1y ago

It isn't everyday you see a Porsche Carrera GT in a showroom, let alone on the roads. With the values at an all time high and limited numbers, people just tend to tuck them away and watch their lovely little asset go up in value.

However, there is one. One very special Carrera GT which is an outlaw. In other words, it has gone rogue and is something quite the opposite. This specific CGT has done almost 66,000 miles since new. The majority of these have barely reached 5,000 miles, which is normally considered high mileage for one of these.

This one has a very interesting history too. 15 years ago when this car was new and had just 700 miles on the clock, it was crashed. It was deemed a write-off and never to see the road again. I bet German Porsche engineers were banging their heads on their very clean and special glass tables.

Thankfully this wasn't the end as an auto engineer actually bought the car from the insurance company and took it upon himself to fix it back up. This took him about three years to complete. Since then, he has been driving it around like a normal car. Imagine that, driving a Carrera GT as a daily for 12 years. What a life.

But, not only is it so special, but it could be yours. It is currently up for sale at the Octane Collection for just £400,000. That is a huge discount on the normal asking price of between £500,000 and £700,000 here in the UK. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy a Porsche Carrera GT and drive it like it was meant to be driven, then please buy this.

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  • These have a bit of a reputation as widow-makers. Awesome machines though!

      1 year ago
  • That would be an amazing purchase. I will wait for my lottery numbers to come up!

      1 year ago
  • I want. I need.

      1 year ago