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This '68 Mustang has a twin-turbo Ferrari V8

Have you always wanted a classic Mustang that's powered by a twin-turbo Ferrari engine? Then this is your perfect car!

2y ago

In the world of classic muscle cars, the line between sacrilege and stunning is blurred to an illegible smudge. In general however, the absence of a V8 engine would be enough to sanction the car to the sacrilege pile. My guess however is that this particular 8-cylinder Mustang pushes the boundaries of that rule to breaking point.

When you peer under the open hood of this Mustang, you find yourself initially distracted by the garish yellow paint, only for your attention to be directed to a certain prancing horse emblem. Then, if that wasn’t enough, you suddenly notice two enormous turbochargers. Clearly, there’s been a disturbance in the multiverse.

Made by a company called American Legends, this car is known as the Corruptt Mustang. Apt name, given the power-plant. The engine itself is a 4.3L unit from a Ferrari F430, which produced 490bhp in stock form. With Twin-Turbos on the other hand, and an intake manifold from a Ferrari California, American Legends expects this car will produce 700bhp; although it’s worth emphasising that it hasn’t officially been put on the dyno just yet.

Compared to everybody’s Sema darling, the Hellephant Charger, the Curruptt ‘Stang is fighting a 300 horsepower deficit - not to mention the stigma that comes with not using an authentic muscle car engine. For the benefit of exploiting the power, RideTech suspension has been fitted, along with Wilwood brakes, and sticky Toyo tyres. Carbon fibre has been used in the construction, and four-point harnesses await anyone who ventures inside.

Upon sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll be greeted by a 3-spoke steering wheel, and a mock-Ferrari rev-counter. Intriguingly, the neighbouring speedometer peeks at a “mere” 160mph - which is very quick, I must concede, but it’s a little on the low side for 700bhp.

All in all, I have to say I’m not sure what to think about this car. Never to allow my purist allegiances to adjust my ability to think freely, I look upon this Mustang with total apathy. As a visual object, it is spectacular. While modified Mustangs may as common at Sema as turds in a sewer, they’re still lovely to look at. I imagine the sound and nature of the performance would create a peculiar juxtaposition with the visuals and feel of the car itself. Given the hatred between Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari, you could potentially think of this car as posthumous automotive counselling.

To settle it once and for all, I’m going to ask you guys: do you think the Corruptt Mustang is excellent, or blasphemous? Let me know by voting below, and be sure to add your thoughts in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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