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T​his £70k black cab is straight out of Kingsman.

L​TC recently announced that production of their diesel black cab will come to a halt which is why the UK-based company Kahn decided to do this...

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T​he year was 1948. World War II had just ended and the taxi business was booming and so much so that it was decided that a custom vehicle should be built in order to suit the needs of both the driver and the passenger and so the Austin FX3 was born- this was the first ever black cab.

I​mage credit: Wikipedia

I​mage credit: Wikipedia

7​2 years on and the black cab still exists but it’s safe to say that a few changes have been made and, most of the time, this is what we imagine whenever we hear ‘black cab’.

I​mage credit: Legal Patent

I​mage credit: Legal Patent

I​t’s economical, comfortable and it’s quick enough which is why it isn’t surprising to hear that London haven’t actually bothered changing anything about the cab for a whopping 13 years... THIRTEEN!!! They haven’t changed the engine or the satellite navigation or the seats- they haven’t changed anything.

B​ut, roughly three years ago, LTC (London Taxi Company) replaced the TX4 and unveiled the next generation black cab which was unsurprisingly dubbed as the V-Speed... only joking, they named it the TX5.

I​mage credit: Independent

I​mage credit: Independent

It’s more comfortable, it’s far more modern and, most importantly, it’s much quicker. This is because the TX5 is the first ever black cab to not be powered by a combustion meaning that the TX4 was the last.

T​he majority of the black cabs are still mostly TX4s but soon, the combustion engine black cab, something that London have stuck with for over 70 years, will no longer exist.

I​ find it absolutely ridiculous that the UK chose to remember their time in the EU but they chose not to remember the icon that is the black cab. Luckily, there are a few people here that aren’t, well, stupid.

S​pecifically, I’m referring to Kahn Automobiles which is basically the UK’s version of West Coast Customs except it’s just better... mainly because the customers aren’t all filthy rich mumble rappers.

K​ahn have produced some truly brilliant machines but I believe that their version of the TX4 is the best one they’ve ever made. As soon as Kahn realised that the TX4 is close to extinction, they decided to produce something something special, not just to help us remember the TX4 but to remember the 70+ year legacy that is the combustion-engined black cab.

I​’m now going to walk you through the entirety of what Kahn call the ‘Last of the Line’ (or just ‘The Last)...


T​he most iconic feature of the black cab is the exterior design which is why it isn’t surprising to see that the changes made by Kahn are rather subtle but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.

Due to the fact that this is a £70k vehicle, Kahn decided to make it ooze of luxury whilst maintaining a humble profile. So, they gave it a two-tone paint job which is the type of thing that only the likes of Rolls-Royce offer. The primary colour is midnight blue and the secondary colour is sapphire black meaning that The Last still is a black cab but it looks a bit more stealthy...

T​he interior

S​urprisingly, Kahn decided to stick with the cab layout instead of turning it into a regular car. This means that there is still a partition between the front and rear partitions but do not be fooled, this isn’t just a normal taxi.

L​ike a Rolls-Royce, it has a starlight headliner and like a Bentley, it’s got quilted leather in the seats- this, along with many other features, makes The Last the world’s most luxurious black cab... though that isn’t too hard of a title to gain seen as most black cabs are just filled with a bunch of sick at the back.

How does it relate to Kingsman?

If you didn’t already know, Kingsman is one of the more recent additions to the spy genre. Kingsman features some big bangs, a few cool gadgets and a unique hero car. So, when the directors sat down to have think about what they wanted to use, they had to think about what would represent Britain the best. They needed something iconic and luxurious but they couldn’t go for a sports car seen as, well, that’s what everyone else is doing- Kingsman wanted to do it differently.

L​ike The Last, the car from the Kingsman appears to be a normal taxi from the outside when in reality, it’s one of the most luxurious cars on the road.

M​aybe Kahn got the idea for The Last from Kingsman or maybe I’m just going mad but either way, it’s a pretty cool car.

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  • London cabs are awesome 😎

      7 months ago
  • Who is going to buy a £70k pimped taxi? Maybe an Uber driver wanting to make a statement.

    Was this ordered by a well heeled taxi driver or did Kahn do this speculating that there is someone out there that will buy it?

    It feels like a lockdown project nobody asked for.

      7 months ago
    • Uber=Prius(Outside)

      Here,Uber=Indica and Ritz

        7 months ago
    • We have all sorts of Uber’s in the UK and some pretty nice cars (e-class, 5-series and Tesla’s no less) Not sure which category this would fit into as I wouldn’t pay a premium for a pimped black cab.

        7 months ago
  • Nice Cab,like it.The Taxis in India WERE NICE.Now,they are becoming Booooring

      7 months ago
  • A very nice read. 👍

      7 months ago
  • Kahn being a legend

      7 months ago