This 760+ HP AMC Gremlin is the ultimate Sleeper and it's for sale!

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When AMC Gremilin launched in 1970 it was meant to compete with import cars such as the VW Beetle and Toyota Corolla, small economical subcompacts, not exactly the kind of car you would expect to kill it on the Drag strip.

Well this man from Tennessee seems to have missed that memo by a country mile. Mark (as that appears to be his name) somehow shoehorned AMC's 401 (6.6 litre) V8 into the tiny Gremlin and turned it up to 11. Engine has been built by Barry Allen features INDY heads, custom fuel injection, INDY intakes and Holley ECU with compression ratio of 14:1 this naturally aspirated monster churns out in excess of 760 horsepower.

This allows it to pull of some impressive numbers the ad reads : "The car is currently set up for “no electronics” or “footbrake” drag racing but easily could be made streetable. It is an all-steel body with factory glass and has been as fast as 9.93 in the ¼ mile and consistently runs low 10’s. It is reliable, hooks hard and runs straight. "

The best thing about the whole thing is how stock it looks from the outside, all that gives it away are the fat rear-tires, lack of bumpers and the roll-cage. So put the bumpers back on and voila, the king of sleepers, a small old economy car with a huge engine shoved inside.

On the inside the car retains most of the stock interior well, sort of... the seats are switched for Corbeau buckets, and a roll-cage, harness and fire-suppression system were added. On a more nerdy technical side the car uses turbo action converter and a 998 transmission with a Ford 9” rear-end, as well as adjustable coil-overs.

So anyone got enough cash to buy-it and go hunt down some SRT Demons? Sadly the auction has since ended, but the reserve price wasn't met, so there is still a chance to become the lucky (and seriously) brave owner of this ultimate sleeper car.

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  • I approve of this nonsense!

    15 days ago
  • I've always been a fan of the Gremlin because it's one of those misunderstood cars. I actually have a Gremlin t-shirt. Now there becoming cool again and collectible. The fact that this one will blow the doors off any European exotic that costs 4X more just boggles the mind. I want it so bad.

    16 days ago


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