This 762hp 'Hydrocar' is the water-going car Jeremy Clarkson should have made

Top Gear should be very jealous!

13w ago

Owning a vehicle which can go on both land and sea is like owning a luxury watch which can be worn during the week with a suit and at the weekend with swimming trunks. It makes so much sense and in essence, should save you money.

What you're looking at here then, is something called a 'Hydrocar' and it is a 762hp bright-yellow vehicle which can travel both on land and in the water.

It is powered by a 527 cubic-inch Chevrolet engine which produces 762 horsepower and 712 lb-ft of torque. All this is then mated to a four-speed automatic race transmission to tie it altogether.

Putting together its looks is a 304 stainless steel frame covered in an aluminum skin. It has been fitted with pneumatic suspension and has massive power disc brakes on all four wheels to help it stop.

It's a bit of a beast and does both land-driving and water-driving with ease. It makes perfect sense if you're into that sort of thing. In fact, someone just bought this on Barret Jackson for just over $70,000.

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