- This car sounded like a factory when starting up.

This 850 HP 71 Charger was a DEAMON ! 😎😈

Multilayer Light Painting with LE

Yesterday I took a shot of light painting a car. Not just any car, mind you ! A 1971 Dodge Charger with a Stroker engine at 500 cubic inch (more than 8 Liters !) 🧐 pushing 850 Horses 🤯. My GOD, when this thing turned on, it sounded like a factory starting 😂. I am not kidding when I say with the slightest tap on the gas the grond beneath my feet shook. It did not launch normally, every launch was like a scene from the game Driver. The shoot took around 2 hours and I think the results are not that bad for my first proper light painting try after a garage warm up back home in Iran 📷.

Absolutely Breathtaking Side Profile

Absolutely Breathtaking Side Profile

Here is the second shot of this car ... well ... Not a car... a Beast ... A scary beast owned by a very nice car lover here in Finland whom has spent countless amount of energy and time into this beauty and it shows it right here ! I have now fallen in love with classic muscle cars even more after initially watching and loving Rust Vallery Restorers on Netflix and getting the feeling of what these cars are like to build. The images you see are the combination of many different layers and each one took many multiple hours to edit. 1st the wall was light painted, the headlight taken separately, the front grill, the side profile, the purple light glow, and the top portion, and to be honest each was testeddifferenterence exposure times. 😍 I am super happy with this result considering the huge amount of ambient light, but I LOVE it... Hope you enjoy this 🤩

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