This '88 Land Rover Defender pickup costs almost as much as a Lamborghini Urus

H​ides an American sports car heart underneath

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Land Rover is giving the modern Defender nameplate its own family of models. Two body styles are in-line to be built, of which one would be a pickup truck, and the other remains undecided. But if your heart is stuck on the first-gen iteration and you’d like to see a pickup crossbred model of it, an American custom shop is offering just that.

American custom car shop Osprey Custom Cars have buffed up and modified a ‘88 Land Rover Defender 130 Pickup and put it up on sale. While the modifications will certainly get your eyes to pop-out, the price tag will make tears fall off them. Ready for it? Gulped down the excessive saliva? Here it goes - $189,950.

That’s perilously close to the $200,000 (approximate) price tag of a full-blown Range Rover in its top-spec SV Autobiography variant with a 5.0-litre V8 hiding under the bonnet. Even the edgy Lamborghini Urus is in a similar $220,000 ballpark. So, does the charisma of the pickup body style and the modified mechanicals justify the price? You decide.

Mechanicals is where you’d redeem some of your money’s worth as Osprey Custom Cars are specialists in injecting LS3 V8s in Land Rovers. Assuming you understood where this is going, this Defender pickup gets a 6.2-litre LS3 V8 putting out 435hp and 576Nm torques. It gets paired to a six-speed automatic transmission while also boasting a heavy-duty transfer case.

Underneath the floor is where that steep price tag starts to make a case for itself. It gets custom driveshafts, PUMA-spec front and rear axles, anti-sway bars, Terra Firma shock absorbers and steering damper with an entirely custom exhaust system. Managing cooling duties is an aluminium radiator with dual electric cooling fans, and excessive heat-shielding with extensive sound-deadening materials have also been embedded.

On the outside, the Defender pickup comes finished in Fuji White paint scheme. This resto modded Defender gets a Saudi-styled grille, Puma-spec bonnet and a blacked-out exoskeletal frame running across the vehicle. All lights units operate on LEDs, and 20-inch alloy wheels with four-way disc brakes connect the vehicle to the tarmac.

The cabin is a lot more push affair than you’d expect from a Defender. It comes with custom diamond-stitched Lucari leather seats, of which the front ones can be heated. Rest of the cabin further sees the same leather upholstery continuing throughout the cabin. While the dashboard and the instrument cluster are PUMA-spec iterations, the control knobs and grab handles are aluminium units for a premium finish. The infotainment unit is a 7-inch Alpine piece with smartphone connectivity, and the speaker and tweeter setup are by Rockford Fosgate Audio.

In essence, this Defender 130 Pickup appears to be a capable handsome brute with modern mechanicals, luxurious interiors and an American heart. It even features present-day convenience features such as a reverse camera while boasting go-anywhere capabilities. Wanted something old-school and unusual? This might just fit your bill.

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