This 9,000RPM Yugo is the pocket rocket of your dreams

It hasa Fiat Bravo engine but screams like a motorbike

1w ago

Hillclimb cars are absolutely fascinating. They are usually incredibly light, loud, high-revving and very powerful and we love to watch them zoom up a hill. But, this one is special because it is a Yugo - the car we all love, even if we don't want to admit it.

This bright red little Yugo is powered by a Fiat Bravo engine and produces 220hp at 9,000RPM and weighs just 725kg. All this power comes through the front wheels and is regulated by a 6-speed Sadev sequential Gearbox.

It has won countless races and achieved a great number of Class Records through the years. In this video, you can see it on one of its very last appearances at Skradin Hillclimb where it posted a tremendously impressive performance. It even placeed among the 10 Fastest Touring Cars present at the event overall.

Who else wants to give this a go?

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Comments (7)

  • I saw not too long ago on DT a Yugo with a delta drivetrain

      12 days ago
    • Yeah you did 😆😄😄

        12 days ago
    • That was from article about Aurelio Lampredi. The funny thing is that a lot of that is pretty much bolt on and take off the FIAT shelves.

      As for this 220hp one, if it's from Bravo 1.6 (and I guess it is, 2.0 5pot isn't for high revs) - that engine...

      Read more
        12 days ago
  • The Yugo is based on the Fiat 127, so a Bravo engine seems legit. I'm reminded of the time Top Gear had Lotus do its thing on a Lada (based on the Fiat 124).

      11 days ago
  • damn, that is one THICC yugo

      11 days ago
  • It looks like a lot of fun.

      12 days ago