This 950 hp Mercedes GLC 63 is a Lamborghini Urus worst nightmare

Urus be afraid be very afraid

2y ago

Thanks to the *wonderful* English weather I found myself spending my day surfing the web looking for something to entertain myself, and I found this- Yet another proof that we live in crazy times where people care more about and cram more power into SUV's than supercars.

Thus without further ado, lemme present you this batsh*t crazy, GLC 63 S AMG tuned by GAD pruducing 950 hp, that's 309hp more than a Lamborghini Urus. Therefore since these are bought for bragging rights and bragging rights alone, this AMG is the worst nightmare of any footballer, rapper or youtube looking to show off in their new SUV from the raging bull company.

The 4.0 V8 twin-turbo produces some 1250 nm of torque, allowing it ballistic acceleration, the car will hit 62mph in just 2.8 seconds and pull off a 10.3 second time at the 1/4 mile. For reference that's a quicker 0-62 time than the AMG GT S or Ferrari 488, whilst its 1/4 mile time beats those of Aventador S and is just 0.1 of a second behind the Huracan Performance. The Urus is some 0.8 seconds behind to 62mph and is a full second ahead on the 1/4 mile.

GAD claims that all this performance comes at no sacrifice of comfort, as the car retains all of it's regular and rather plushy interior, it's also running street legal tires. Regular GLC 63S comes with somewhat more 'tame' 503 bhp and 700nm of torque and starts from £78,000 although expect to leave over £80,000 at the dealer if you want all the optional AMG goodies, which let's face it- you want.

Sadly there is no info on GAD's website regarding the price or offering of this package.

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