This ABT A5 is the most endearing Audi in a very long time

And there's more power, too. Even if you drive a diesel

Somewhere along the line, probably around 20-odd years ago, Audi stepped up their game and began building credible and desirable road cars. No one noticed. It's like you had Mercedes and Bmw, with Audi trailing along for so long, and then all of a sudden you had Mercedes vs BMW vs Audi. Over the last few years, and perhaps this is just my personal preference, Audi has done an amazing job in terms of styling. Take the Q8 as a prime example, yes it's just another big and brash SUV, but it still feels nicer than most SUVs.

Then you have the A5 and the A5 Sportback. The A5 was first introduced in 2007 as a simple elegant coupe, designed by Walter da Silva who was once quoted saying "the A5 Coupe is the most beautiful car I've ever designed". The 4-door Sportback was introduced in 2009 and the car you see here, a 2020 Sportback, was given the ABT treatment and I think it just looks the business.

ABT Sportsline, a German tuner, gave it a new rear spoiler in carbon gloss, adjustable suspension springs and new wheels, available in 19 or 20 inches size and in two different shades of colour. They've also upgraded the interior with a custom start-stop switch cap, integrated entrance lights with ABT logo and a shift knob cover.

No worries, they've worked their magic in the engine compartment as well and the good news is, they've got a bit of everything for everyone, even if you drive a diesel. If, for example, you own an A5 40 TDI model, ABT will increase the power output and torque to 264 hp and 398 lb-ft respectively, a considerable improvement from the 228 and 369 lb-ft in the standard model. Similar upgrades are available for the 187 hp 40 TDI and the 261 hp 45 TFSI.

Should you want more, you can also opt for the Audi S5 that ABT introduced a few months ago, with the 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 putting out 379 hp and 560 torques.

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Comments (9)

  • i think Abt is overrated

    They do a simple Chip Tuning, add some flaps without function just for the style und put some big bling bling wheels on lt.

    U pay 3000 Euros just for the chip....Never ever worth it.

    Just go and buy an Alpina. You get great Engineering there. Less bling but more power, function and reliability.

      10 days ago
    • p.s. and its really hard for me to say that because i am a massive Audi fanboy

        10 days ago
  • It looks good and chip tuning isn’t a bad thing if done properly. Personally not for me as I’d spend the cost equivalent on a better ‘stock’ car.

      6 days ago
  • No one noticed Audis change 20 years ago..? what. This may be the situation where you live, in other parts of the world Audi were doing just fine and their success in prototype racing, mixed with heavy focus on product placement in movies and music videos meant Audi found a lot of success in the 2000s, especially after 2005. Some comparison data from Europe if any bothers to read it,

      10 days ago
  • I dont know want endearing means, but I can just tell that it fits this car perfectly😍

      10 days ago
  • It’s nice

    Just a shame they continue to make these ridiculous 5 door versions off a beautiful coupe

    If you want back doors get an A4 or 5 don’t ruin the great looks off a coupe

      12 days ago