This aircraft is one of its kind and your first 'Flying Home.'

Bye Bye Corona, Bye Bye Earth!

33w ago

As man grew more powerful with more liberty to spare funds, he started having an inkling to do things as outrageous as possible. This led to several obnoxious inventions but those that left the world stunned! The world's fastest roller-coaster, electrification and humongous aircrafts and spaceships are just a few examples to quote.

We have seen massive and high-tech aircrafts and fighter planes in sci-fi movies but here is one which could come to real life from reel life and bears the potential to bring the concept of 'flying home' to you.

This concept creation comes courtesy of the designer Encho Enchev who unfurls its purpose. And what is it? It is to create a flying home for the army and their 'supplies' which include tanks, helicopters, airplanes and other Utility vehicles, etc. How surreal is that?

On the inside too, things are as 'Avengers-inspired' if not less to use the best superlative. Those neon lights, cavernous floor area and a cockpit for multiple pilots (which is required) styled in a spectacular fashion are all traits alluding to its design inspired by such a movie.

Only a few sketches have been revealed but to know what's under the hood, we can prognost at least 6 engines which also power the world's biggest aircraft Antonov An-225 and let's assume this aircraft has the mettle to carry about 700-tons. If not that, then it will be more than perfect to haul in your car and a family's luggage for a year while you embark on a 'world-tour.' All you require is a land strip to land the aircraft and enjoy cruising in your car. Does this sound sweeter?

It is surely going to be expensive but don't you think that the military deserves a better place than their tents and an air-conditioned environment in place of the scalding hot weather of the plains? It can also be used to attack the opponent's army while defending those inside at the same time. The plane can also be used to deploy fighter-jets and and helicopters wherever required while saving on their fuel.

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