This Alfa Romeo Scarabeo will make you want to go to France

This legendary concept is going to be displayed at Château de Compiègne until March

Château de Compiègne is a chateau in Northern France, located in the Oise department, around 50 miles north of Paris.

It was built by Ange-Jacques Gabriel in late 1300s as a Royal residence for King Louis XV and later restored by Napoleon himself, who also used it as his personal residence. Today there are three separate museums within the chateau, including the National Car Museum (Le Musée de la Voiture), which was founded in 1927 and is currently hosting an exhibition called 'Concept-car. Beauté pure'.

The Alfa Romeo Scarabeo Concept you see here is part of the exhibition and it's definitely worth the plane ticket.

'Concept-car. Beauté' (open until 23 March 2020) revolves around the evolution of concept cars from the 1930s to the 1970s and their role in automotive design history. The exhibition includes hundreds of documents, photographs, motorbikes and vehicles including this Alfa Scarabeo, owned by FCA Heritage and built in 1966.

It was introduced as a potential successor to the Type 33 and designed by Orazio Satta Puliga together with Giuseppe Busso and Autodelta. It is a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-seater powered by a transversely mounted 4-cylinder 1570 cc engine capable of 113 hp and coupled with a 5-speed manual. It was built by OSI (Officine Stampaggi Industriali) in Turin and the first ever prototype, which for reason featured a right-hand drive layout, was unveiled at the 1966 Paris Motor Show. Alfa later built one more prototype, which is the car you see here, and a 'Barchetta' variant which was never completed. The car only weighs 700 kg and the top speed, when it was new, was 124 mph.

It is extremely rare and potentially priceless. I've been looking for a die-cast model for weeks but found nothing worthy and ended buying yet another car-themed coffee mug (one day I'm going to have to post pictures on my Instagram), which I guess it's the next best thing. Anyway, I haven't given up yet so if you find any high-quality die-cast Scarabeo, let me know.

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Comments (22)

  • I have quite a thing for breadvan styling.

      1 year ago
  • The front looks great, but the rear end shape reminds me of a traditional Chinese coffin.(LOL)

      1 year ago
  • Now, I really don't think so. There are many reasons I'd go to France for but this vehicle is nt ne of them.

      1 year ago
  • Looks like a kit car. The back is awful.

      1 year ago
  • I don't know alot about the Scarabeo, but I'm pretty sure it was more likely thought of as aparallel model to the 33 replacing the old TZ series. After all replacing the 2 litre car before it learned to walk with a new 1,6 wouldn't make any sense.

      1 year ago