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This artist recreates in Lego the key moments of Porsche in racing

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The current health crisis is forcing the postponement or even cancellation of many events, and the automobile is obviously no exception. As a result, several famous motor shows and competitions have simply been cancelled, to the great disappointment of the fans.

So they try to pass the time as best they can and it is then possible to find hidden talents. Photographer Dominic Fraser already surprised us when he presented his work retracing in Lego the symbolic scenes of the Audi Quattro in rallying. Today, he's doing it again with the most famous moments of Porsche in competition.

And once again, we were clearly not disappointed. Fraser handles his camera as well as he handles Lego bricks! For example, you can see an advertisement featuring a 911 Turbo generation 930 taking off just a few centimetres. Fraser suspended the Lego car from four strings that were invisible in the photo.

We can also see the Porsche 919 Hybrid stopped in the pits. The accuracy of the scene is incredible, the attention to detail just impressive. The mechanics and team members are in the right place and have the right posture faithful to the official image. We warmly invite you to visit Fraser's Instagram account to discover all these superb creations!


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  • And somebody is doing something similar with a Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Just slightly bigger :)

      2 days ago
  • Most famous moments? Ok...

      8 days ago