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T​his Aston Martin Valkyrie has Moon dust in its paint

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The Aston Martin Valkyrie is one of the most anticipated hypercars in recent years. It's being developed with help from Red Bull Racing, Michelin, and several other companies, and like its competition, the Valkyrie takes inspiration from Formula One cars.

However, like many Aston Martins It will be tailored to each and every customer's needs, no matter how strange or outlandish. This has always been the motto for Aston Martin and their Q special division, but up until now nobody has truly put that to its test. That has all been changed by this man:


K​ris Singh. The Miami-based car collector owns the likes of Konigsegg, Bugatti, and notably a 1 of 3 Lamborghini Veneno. However, his upcoming car will trump them all; a one of one Aston Martin Valkyrie with Karosserie Lunar Red paint.

Amazingly Singh bought a genuine moon rock, which he plans to have ground up and embedded in his Valkyrie's Karosserie paint. He says he got the idea from Miles Nurnberger, creative director of exterior design at Aston Martin, who mentioned that the car reminded him of a spaceship. Kris won't say how much this otherworldly paint job will cost, but he will chronicle the process when the car is delivered and taken to Pennsylvania.

A​ston Martin

Aston Martin plan to build 150 road-going examples and 25 track-ready AMR Pros, furthermore Aston say that the AMR will be the fastest street-legal production car ever made. With just over 1,130-horsepower and a near 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, nearing that of the record-breaking Konigsegg one:one.

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  • Okay, it's cool...

    But why would you want to grind in a moon rock onto your car's paint though... Just pure bragging in my humble opinion.

    23 days ago
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    • true, but think about the idea itself the moon is very bright when reflecting light off the sun, imagine if the same affect is achievable on a car. don't get me wrong I would never want...

      Read more
      22 days ago
      8 Bumps
    • But I don't think they would've used that much to actually make the car 'shine'. (And also note the fact that it depends on the type of the moon rock which gets a bit scientific that I...

      Read more
      22 days ago
      8 Bumps
  • Reminds me of a duck


    23 days ago
    13 Bumps


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