This awesome collection of cars just sold for more than £7.5million

It has set a new European Auction Record!

3w ago

Ever since it has been launched, Collecting Cars has sold some awesome cars and bikes. The collection of cars that it sold yesterday though might just be one of the coolest you've ever seen.

Meet the Leonard Collection which has Ferraris, BMWs, a Mercedes, a Stingray Corvette, the Ford GT and all kinds of rare Porsches. The list of cars just goes on and on and on.

But this collection isn't just about the 35 lovely cars as it also has two old bikes - the 1974 Honda CB750 and 1985 Honda NS400R - along with the Alvis Sabre Light tank (yes, an actual tank!).

On 16 May, Collecting Cars sold this whole collection for more than £7.5million. This is a humongous selling job completed by Collecting Cars and car enthusiasts from all over the world have congratulated them for this.

The star of the show of the auction was a lovely yellow Porsche Carrera GT which sold for £765,500 - setting new European auction record.

Founder and CEO of Collecting Cars, Edward Lovett said: “It was a huge team effort to bring together this outstanding collection for sale, and the results we achieved shows the power that Collecting Cars now wields in the market."

"The average buyer’s premium paid on the night was just 2.7%, which highlights the benefit for winning bidders; while the new European auction record for a Porsche Carrera GT underscores the attraction for sellers.”

The Leonard Collection attracted 54,000 viewers from all around the world. To see all the cars of the Leonard Collection, check out the link given below:

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Comments (17)

  • Cool, but Imo the 29th Sultan of Brunei has much better collection

      26 days ago
  • Why so many Porsche’s, it’s unnecessary.

      26 days ago
  • I'd say that's an excellent collection

      26 days ago
  • Okay someone give me 8 million so I can buy them off whoever owns them all!

      24 days ago
    • They all went to different people... and if you want then John Coleman can help you anytime with his gazillions of tribecoins which can be converted to money

        24 days ago
  • This awesome collection of cars just sold for more than £7.5million! @tribe

      22 days ago