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This Bentley Bentayga has terrifying rims

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When it was introduced in 2015, the Bentley Bentayga provoked strong reactions because of its daring design that could shock the English brand's loyal customers. However, adding an SUV to the range paid off, as the Bentayga is now the best-selling Bentley in history.

And in addition to considerably increasing sales of the winged B, the Bentayga has attracted a new clientele that previously turned their backs on the brand's productions. Today, a Reddit user photographed a very special specimen of the luxurious 4X4 in Texas. While the bodywork doesn't seem to have suffered any damage from its owner's genius, the wheels haven't.

The vehicle's successful stock rims have been replaced by smaller, unattractive aftermarket ones. Their centre points excessively outward. We didn't think we would find this accessory worthy of the wheels with spikes used during movies car chases on a Bentayga!

To make things worse, these new rims appear tiny on the huge SUV. Combined with low sidewall tires, they don't help save this Bentayga from an aesthetic massacre. The wheel arch is far too large, which logically leaves a large gap between the tires and the body.

Photo credits Latromi77 Reddit account

Photo credits Latromi77 Reddit account

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