T​his Bentley Continental tank is a W12-powered project car masterpiece

1w ago


M​odifying luxury vehicles is always a hit or a miss, with bodykits like Mansory and Liberty Walk splitting opinions as to whether they ruin the original designs of the cars. This Bentley however takes things to a whole new level, with its four wheels replaced by a set of tank tracks.

E​astern Europe is a hotbed for crazy projects like this (remember that guy who made a wooden internal combustion engine?) and the engineering behind it is frankly staggering. The fabrication, the geometry of the tracks and the power transfer from the driveshafts to the ground must have taken months to figure out.

T​he steering will have been a mission to complete also, integrating the turning of the wheel with the braking of the tracks so the Bentley can pivot around on whatever terrain you see fit.

Take away the odd hiccup with the tracks falling off when you steer too hard and this is a project car to end all project cars.

As you can see in the video, the suspension allows this thing to vault up pretty much any incline

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