This Bentley Replica is Outstanding!

But it defeats its own purpose, as I shall explain...

14w ago


I have written about a fair few replica cars on DRIVETRIBE during my 5 months on this website. I slate some of them and some of them I praise for getting a few of the fundamental lines correct. Outside, in the whole wide world of DRIVETRIBE, I see others who write about the accuracy and detail of the cars they have found. But surely, this is the best replica you have ever seen!

The gallery above shows the level of detail; those two cars are almost identical! So what is it made of?

The Chyrsler Sebring Convertible. Three words that will give any petrolhead a heart attack, the Satan of the car world, a soggy piece of rental car cr*p that genuinely needs to be destroyed. And yet, fit a Bentley body and interior to it and suddenly it goes from the ugly duckling to the mother swan!

It is a masterpiece, and the person who did this is clearly incredibly skilled, however, it has a big issue! You see, the Bentley Continental GT is now very cheap, so cheap that one can be picked up for £15,000. And do you want to know how much this replica car costs? £15,000!

So, although it is a truly outstanding piece of design, it stubs its own toe! Sorry!

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Comments (8)

  • That is one of the best replicas i've seen in a while!

      3 months ago
  • Great replica and an easy question at the bottom lol

      3 months ago
  • Why ???

      3 months ago
  • Best replica I've seen. It's actually a Mustang. And they made it look like something you should never do to a real Bentley

      3 months ago
  • Kudos to the person who built this- is an exquisite replica! And even though Continental GTs are apparently cheap nowadays (£15,000? Seriously? Cheapest coupe I could find here is just a hair under €30,000! Cheapest convertible? €50,000!) I still imagine this replica is a lot cheaper to maintain...

      3 months ago