This Bicar prototype trike is what you need for city runabouts

It has a plethora of perks working in its favour.

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In the past 20 years, we would have come across a multitude of different ( and some times weird) contraptions from manufacturers to make our lives easier. Then the era of electrification hit us like a stroke of lightning and all the manufacturers fell slave voluntarily or involuntarily to it as the emission norms intensified things and made them more complex than ever. While have seen some fruitful and some disastrous fruits of this move, there are those brands that have a keen determination on urban and city commuting while embracing large-scale electrification.

To quote an example, here is one prototype which fuses the elements of a car and a bike. It is called 'Bicar' literally and is the perfect evolution of a trike. Going by its diminutive proportions and output, it is meant for the city runabouts but is a baller at that game. It is electric and is replete with storage spaces for your grocery runs. By virtue of its style, it is a looker but take note that the body rests on just 3 wheels (Two at the front and one at the rear) and is a single seater. The body will sway in the direction you give inputs to the steering wheel and for its locomotion, it takes power from the sun, the largest energy source.

It is a known fact that solar energy can be optimised for a profusion of purposes and has the potential to annihilate oil only if transmitted to some other form. While the makers of this machine might have had the compunction of not being able to channel the solar energy to this vehicle in a way that it can reassure the motorist of taking him around town without having to look for a power source, the use of solar energy was indispensable as it is known that the motive was to help this EV stand haughtily at a podium at the Geneva Motor Show which forsooth happened the previous year.

That aside, this EV also uses a light but adequate 2 kWh 48 V lithium-ion battery to power the motors. The battery weighs just 6.1 Kg (13 lbs). The EV has solar panels all around the body to garner as much sunlight as possible to charge the battery pack that runs the motor. As you are by now, aware about the shortcomings of solar energy, the company has decided to make battery swapping stations where the battery can be replaced to keep it going. The motor will give you a top whack of 28 mph (45 Km/h), figures which when viewed pragmatically, are enough for the normal day-to-day commuting.

To hit hard on the practicality front, it allows one to carry a few shopping bags. There is also a compartment given to hold your smartphone that can be used to access features such as locking and unlocking your vehicle through its own app. This comes in handy when you forget to lock your vehicle. It had to be a giveaway as these are the days of connectivity.

This trike fits itself in a plenary manner between a bike and a car. It is not as big as a car, but when you sit inside, you won't feel cooped in either. It doesn't have ample storage spaces that a car possesses, but still betters a bike in that regard. It is more safer than a bike too as you get a proper car-like seating position, a shell to encapsulate yourself, a windscreen that reduces road toot sounds and wind velocity and also offers you safety. The biggest merit of this Bicar is that you will never lose control and fall off because one, it doesn't accelerate like a car and two, it carries a three-wheel layout.

That said, it isn't without its cons. That typical wheel layout doesn't guarantee poise and can prove to jarring with its wallowing movement. Secondly, the range can be an issue if ventured out too far away from the city as currently, there will be a deficit of battery replacement stations too. Such pilot projects have been initiated for quite some time now. While the demerits can't be disregarded, with further improvements in tech, it wouldn't be surprising to see many of these dominate the roads of especially those cities that where unforgiving governments have laid down almost unattainable emission regulations.

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  • No, it so is not! People don't want to look like a tit in public and this looks like a tit-box to my dull eyes. You need a twist and go scooter with a top-box for town use. You need to be narrow enough to (perfectly legally) filter through the busy congestion. Stuff like this pops up regularly, but like sidecar outfits and trikes, they're no better than a car at negotiating city traffic. Even Twizzys are no better than any other sort of tiny car as far as city traffic goes. These designs are predicated on a solution without a case.

      1 month ago
    • Nothing beats the revel of driving a moped. While this might look like a tit, it is a lot safer than a moped. Additionally, those who hate wearing a helmet are saved by this trike too.

        1 month ago
    • You still need a helmet on this... your head can still hit the ground when a car crashes into you. I hope you don't believe that a side impact on this is 'safer' than a two-wheeler... neither has a jot of crash resistance before the crash reaches...

      Read more
        1 month ago