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This Bugatti Chiron replica in Thailand is made from scrap metal

A​nd there's a Mercedes SL, Lamborghini Veneno and a Ferrari 250 GTO in similar spec

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I believe finding a needle in a haystack could be easier than finding a Bugatti in a scrap metal shop. Unless its the Scrap Metal Art shop in Thailand. People here appear to have an unparalleled talent for recycling and model art, and this Chiron replica made out of scraps is a testament to it.

Popular Youtuber CB Media took a trip to the Scrap Metal Art facility and filmed the same. Located a couple of hours outside Thailand's capital city of Bangkok, it houses not one but two Bugatti Chiron replicas. Both made from junkyard bits. While one comes finished in the signature two-tone blue-black livery, the other is left in its stripped metal glory.

The exterior seems to be a culminated welding of various scrap metals clubbed together to mimic the shape of the actual car. Steel mesh cutouts have replaced glass sections, and the interior gets its prominent components such as steering wheel, gear lever, seats and even the centre console, all made in scrap metal art fashion. And if you thought that was significant attention to detail, have a look at the makeshift engine block.

The Youtuber further states that Chiron, with the signature livery, has even found a buyer, hailing from Sweden. It must've cost him around $30,000, and that's not bad for something so unique. And obviously, it doesn't run.

Tempted to buy the other one? I believe that to be a prototype build considering the lack of paint job and the accessible doors - as opposed to the other Chiron, which had its doors bolted on. It could've been done to protect the interiors from getting fiddled. Though, it is advised to call up the shop.

However, disappointed is one thing you won't be upon entering this place as for us car enthusiasts, the other creations here are as good or even better than the Chiron. For instance, there's a work-in-progress Ferrari 250 GTO with its makeshift yet beautiful V12 engine in display. The presenter further came across an equally beautiful Mercedes 300 SL gullwing and an AMG GTR, both finished products. Their website further showcases a Lamborghini Veneno replica, and in terms of insane exteriors, its on par with the production model.

Fortunately, the shop doesn't only deal in automotive creations as the presenter looks stunned on witnessing other junk metal creations. From life-size Avenger characters like Iron Man and Thor to Transformers models that stand over 30-feet tall, this shop seems to be the embodiment of recycling and modern art at the same time. And just when you though the art was restricted to objects, you'll find the integral cafe with its bolt-shaped chocolates equally fascinating.

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Comments (15)

  • It literally looks like Lego Technic. Still that's kinda insane

      1 day ago
  • This artist is a true genius. Does he eventually sell everyone he makes, and what is a typical price?

      1 day ago
    • The YouTuber claims the Bugatti sold at around 1-million Bhat (or $30,000). But costs for such cars may have gone up post the pandemic

        1 day ago
    • Thank you.

        1 day ago
  • That's awesome!!

      1 day ago
  • Southeast Asians, really. Takes one to know one -- they really are impressive given what they've got. You have a Filipino who can turn a compressor into an engine, a Vietnamese who can make a "Ferrari" out of paper-mache, and a whole host of other mad lads whose ingenuity is a little inversely proportional to their income.

      19 hours ago
    • they can referred to as the Untapped talent. Just a bit more coverage away from the Asian market expanding massively around the world

        15 hours ago
  • These are awesome!

      15 hours ago