This Bugatti render would rule the LeMans Hypercar class

Should Bugatti build this?

1y ago

Bugatti are the record-breakers of the automotive world. It seems that Bugatti has no chinks in its armour, no flaws in its system as it keeps on breaking records again and again. But something that is missing in its glorious set of laurels is a LeMans trophy which could be added should the French carmaker go by this render.

Independent designer Florian Dobe has come up with this brilliant render and has had some time to tell me about this.

Florian made this because he wanted learn blending by making up a project and modelling it in a learning-by-doing manner. But then why did he choose Bugatti?

To this he said, "I chose Bugatti as it is a brand of extreme performance and looks. I wanted to create my own take on this brand , developing my own proportions , stands and attitude with exteme sections and an iconic look made by simple and powerful shapes and graphics. I chose a view of the pics I took at silverstone and decided to give the car this kind of race car feeling to fit the scene."

Nice work Florian, we think that Bugatti need to have a look at you should they want to enter some racing series.

Check out Florian's Instagram profile by clicking on the link below:

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Comments (22)

  • Oh my.... This is so frickin ugly...

      1 year ago
  • The W16 would just be too heavy

      1 year ago
  • It’s ok.... kind of

      1 year ago
  • No they wouldn't dominate.... It'll have straight line speed... And that's all.... It'll be too big and heavy... Even in those renders... It looks huge.... And there records... What records... 300mph...that's not even recognized by Guinness... Nah... Koenigsegg will overshadow them as always... Valkyrie will decimate them... Bugatti is a luxury limo... That is super fast... For sure... But they are far from lithe, athletic track machines... My opinion

      1 year ago
  • Did a giant sit on the front of it?

      1 year ago