This C8 Corvette knows what it's like to have a weight on its shoulders

It's not every day your new sports car gets squashed by a Maserati

3w ago

A lot of things in life don't always go to plan. Sometimes you burn your toast by accident, other times you eat too much at an all you can eat buffet, but these things happen and we learn to accept them. However, some people are more unlucky than others.

This red C8 Corvette for example has had a terrible time of it. As it was being transported, it was sat on by a Maserati. This photo was posted to Facebook by Cedric Massey with no context so we don't even know how this accident occurred.

The obvious answer to this disaster would be to say the hydraulic arms holding the Maserati up had broken, causing it to land on the Corvette – but you just don't know. Perhaps it was done on purpose? No details have been shared at this point.

We really feel for the new owner of this American sports car – they must have been really looking forward to it – but accidents happen.

What would you do if your new car showed up like this?

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Comments (6)

  • i'd call the transporter, the dealer, my insurance, but by then i would probably be fucked up

      24 days ago
  • Oof poor Corvette 😢

      23 days ago
  • Whoops 😬

      24 days ago
  • Still, could be worse

      24 days ago
  • It probably wasn’t on purpose it’s possible that it was low maintenanced and due to that the hydraulics could have broken that way or like you said on purpose

      24 days ago
    • I feel like somebody forgot to put a safety pin in. I think it's prindle locks. But next to the hydraulics they usually have an upright with a bunch of holes in it and you're supposed to put a pin through it and lower the load onto that pin. If you do...

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        21 days ago