This Car Has A Hidden Russian Secret That's Awesome And Complete Garbage

This is quite the Easter Egg and it's both awesome and crappy at the same time

3y ago

Finding Easter Eggs in products is always a joy. Whether it's the cheat codes in a video game or quirky suggestions from very obscure google searches, running into them is like discovering a hidden secret message infused by the designers, the engineers, and/or the developers. It's very unlikely to find Easter Eggs in cars, however, given the very serious and libelous nature of transportation, and that some people within the masses can't take a joke.

That's not the case for Russian automaker, Volga. They've put in their cars a hidden secret that can only be accessed by a cryptic set of turn signal flicking, bringing the engine up to speed, and playing with the trip reset dials. The gift for hitting the right sequence is something that is also very Russian

The green dot-matrix Tetris game takes us back to the Game Boy days, except this time the controls are absolutely horrendous. Once you're in the game, controlling the blocks require the use of the knobs on the instrument cluster, ensuring that though you'll get decent amount of satisfaction from finding a Tetris game within a car, you won't be bothered to spend more than 30 seconds playing it.

We're certain there WILL be someone out there who is determined enough to set the high score in Volga Tetris.

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Comments (3)

  • So that's why there are so many crash videos from Russia. They're all playing tetris on their cars' instrument cluster.

      3 years ago
    • Totally nothing to do with vodka at least! "AhemSlightly sarcasticahem"🍸🍸🍸

        3 years ago
  • wtf lol

      3 years ago