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This Car Will Kill Itself to Save Pedestrians

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On Thursday, the American retailing company Kroger announced that they will be teaming up with self-driving vehicle company Nuro to develop driverless cars to deliver groceries. They are planning on making the convenience of grocery delivery both affordable and accessible for everyone.


The car will go up to 25 mph and is electric-powered, running on a battery said to last all day. The vehicle is specifically designed to deliver goods, fitted with two compartments that can fit up to six grocery bags each.

Because the little transporter will only be driving around with groceries, and no human passengers, the Nuro will respond to unexpected situations in a different way compared to other self-driving vehicles; it will sacrifice itself to save the most vulnerable road users.


Testing of this new system is expected to kick off this autumn, but it is not clear where this test program will take place. This means, however, that people in this testing area will in a couple of months be able to order groceries with an app, and this little car will deliver them to your house the very same day.

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