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This chap from Brazil built himself an AVENTADOR... kind of

What would you do if you are 28 years old and just spent 1800 pounds on your new ride, a 2002 Fiat Uno?

Well, Edimar Souza Goulart took another 600 pounds and spent 12 months in his shed to transform the Uno-shaped car into a Lamborghini-ish-shaped car.

He always loved sports cars and putting together this car was not only a pastime but the fulfilment of his dream.

But the project is not finished yet. The interior still comes with the original Uno design but Goulart is keen to optimize his creation according to his own ideas.

Image: Central European News

He even gave the car a lovingly 'Aventador' lettering on the back of the car and a self-created Bull-badge at the front.

Image: Central European News

Locals facetiously call the car the 'Lamborghuno'.

But it is not only a joke. Goulart is currently waiting for the Department of Transport to approve his design and allow him to drive the car legally on public roads.

You can watch an interview with Edimar Souza Goulart in portuguese language here:

This idea came from a childhood dream of mine to have a sports car; I admire them a lot.

Edimar Souza Goulart

This is what Goulart said in the video:

"This idea came from a childhood dream of mine to have a sports car; I admire them a lot. I couldn't afford it, so I battled, worked hard and was able to buy an Uno. I've always liked drawing, I've been drawing since I was a kid, so I decided to draw some designs. I drew a wing, drew the bumper, but then I saw I wasn't too good. So I got the idea to cut my Uno and make a sports car. That was when I got my bricklayer's Makita, cut it, and filled with styrofoam and acrylic mass, made the art... and that's what you're seeing today."

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