This classic has a connection with Alfred Hitchcock, and you can buy it today

The 1952 Alvin TA 21 is currently up for auction.

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Wikipedia says he is one of “the most studied and influential directors of all time”, however those who have viewed his craft will tell you that he’s not just a director, but a man who changed the way we tell stories.

Alfred Hitchcock is currently an utterly relevant name to the car community because a 1952 Alvin TA 21 is now up for grabs, and it’s got a connection to Hitchcock.

The car itself was not purchased by Hitchcock however, as it was his friend Bernard Herman who bought it - he too worked in the film industry except he was a composer. Having written the music for legendary films such as Taxi Driver, like Hitchcock, Hermann‘s work has been appreciated by millions.

Before Hermann purchased the Alvin, he and Hitchcock had the intention of picking up matching Bentleys. The pair ended up deciding against the idea after a poor experience with a salesman which is how Hermann purchased the Alvin.

Finished in cream and green paintwork with hand-painted pinstripes, the car also serves as a reminder of what luxury cars were like back then. Should you wish to purchase this piece of history, the car is being auctioned here.

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  • I know exactly what you're writing about, which is genuinely interesting... but Spellcheck has bitten you on the butt Rahill! Your ALVIS has turned into an ALVIN...which I am certain was never your intention. Edit perhaps?

      12 days ago
  • That salesman must’ve been really poor, to loose the sale of two Bentleys

      12 days ago