This company is making a 114kg, 250cc two-stroke monster of a bike

Langen is giving us a 75hp carbon-laced cafe racer

8w ago

Just when you thought the two-stroke was deader than truth in politics, British company Langen has decided to stick two fingers up to the zeitgeist and give us a beautiful 114kg, 75hp, 45Nm, 250cc v-twin two stroke called, erm, the Langen Two-Stroke.

The project's been burbling (or should that be ring-ding-dinging) away for some years now, but sources close to DriveTribe (well, James May) have told us the bike will soon be ready to ride.

Built around a new 90-degree V-twin with a MotoGP-esque counter-rotating crank, the Langen is a cafe-racer with a drop-dead gorgeous design and a weight of just 114kg – thanks in part to a slinky aluminium space-frame chassis. We've had heavier lunches, frankly – the power-to-weight of this thing sounds nuts.

Suspension comes courtesy of right-way-up Ohlins forks up front, and twin K-Tech piggyback shocks under your crotch to support the rear wheel. The Langen Two-Stroke might be retro in its powerplant and looks, but it's jammed with modern components… and some 24-carat gold-leaf detailing. Phwoar.

Lucky owners will get a gorgeous tubular swing arm holding the back wheel on, gold-rimmed spoked wheels, a chunky Hel brake setup and a fuel tank that looks like it could've been strapped to the underside of a P-51 Mustang to help it get a bit closer to Berlin airspace back in the '40s. All the bike's electric gubbins are cleverly hidden away in the bellypan to keep the bike looking as clean as possible.

The engine delivers its peak 75hp at 11,700rpm which isn't exactly a stratospheric amount of revs for a two-stroke, so it should be pleasant to ride on the road. It breathes through a pair of carbon snorkels which look sublime. We've found a video of the new engine on the dyno – and it sounds ultra crisp, with barely any inertia.

When can I have one?

Langen is making 100 bikes in its initial run – and each will cost £28,000 + local taxes. The first bikes should be with customers before the end of 2021 – and hopefully we'll be able to report back on how it rides in a couple of months.

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Comments (31)

  • This thing must be a hoot to ride

      1 month ago
  • I know I'm an EV evangelist, BUT... that's one sweeeeet bike. Light as a feather and filled with 2-stroke loveliness. Less is more, and it's beautiful on the eye as well, like a jewel.

      1 month ago
  • Way too beautiful for a café racer - should be on the road somewhere scenic...!

      1 month ago
  • I grew up on two strokes, this bike would be a nice toy, but with 75 hp, and relatively low rpm( by 2 stroke standards) the 40 k US price seems a little much. This is a boutique build,for parking at the Ace Cafe. That price could also buy you a Ducati v4, with money left over.

      1 month ago
    • It is only a 250cc. Still a lot of power even for a lot of 4 stroke 500ccs

        1 month ago
    • Agreed...the power to weight is fantastic...but I think it is on platform where it is wasted. If it were a 250 race platform,great. But then again people buy 600 HP cars for driving in traffic.

        1 month ago
  • Ooohh me like

      1 month ago