This company is making British luxury classics immortal by turning them into EVs

6d ago


With the Earth rapidly running out of oil and the climate getting warmer than your nan’s sitting room in winter, classic cars on the road could soon to be a thing of the past. Owners will be forced to keep them in their garages like simple pieces of art.

But there is one solution to keeping your pride and joy moving around after the inevitable petrol crisis. A British company called Lunaz has announced its plans to convert beautiful classics from petrol guzzling tanks to efficient electric cars.

The company was founded by David Lorenz and was named after his daughter, Luna. His reason behind starting the company was so that his daughter could have the opportunity of owning a beautiful piece of automotive design. Ha said: “For my daughter not to have access to a car like the Mercedes-Benz 190SL when she is of driving age would be a tragedy.”

The first car Lunaz will be offering its work to is the utterly stunning 1953 Jaguar XK120. Once again, this is because of David Lorenz’s passion for cars. He said: “I wanted a car like a 1953 Jaguar to be my daily driver.” Now, he will be able to drive such a car everyday without having to worry about fuel economy, or engine reliability.

In fact, aside from the obvious advantage of electric cars not chucking out fumes into the atmosphere and draining the planet of its resources, they are also a lot more reliable. Electric motors feature just one moving part, whereas internal combustion engines have so many little elements that could break or go wrong.

Lunaz’s procedure for transforming these rolling barges isn’t an easy thing as it involves a lot of detail. Before any work is done to the car, it is fully inspected, and each corner is weighed. This allows the team to give the car to the customer exactly as it was when it was dropped off. Once everything has been checked, the engine and drivetrain is carefully removed.

This allows a full 3D scan to be done of the car so the electric drivetrain can be built to fit the car perfectly. During this process, any imperfections or defects are fixed by hand, as they would have been from the factory. The car is finally fitted with all the batteries and motors along with a few modern gizmos like an infotainment system.

Lunaz says the powertrain that will be fitted to the rebuilt cars will produce 375bhp and 516lb ft of torque from an 80kWh battery pack and twin motors. That’s quite a boost from the car’s standard 160bhp. Furthermore, the system will have modern features like fast charging, regen and cruise control.

Currently, the Lunaz team is also looking to adapt its technology for the 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom V which should be just as impressive as the Jag. In fact, each individual car will have a unique battery set up to mirror its original, petrol sipping character.

As I said before, we have to find new ways of keeping iconic classics such as the XK120 on the road rather than stubbornly continuing with explosive propulsion. Therefore, I think this company, along with the other few that are doing this, are on for a winner. However, there will always be die hard motorists that will think of this as mutilation of a work of art.

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