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This Company Turns Buses Into Lavish Hotels

They're fully equipped, completely independent, and totally cool.

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A Las Vegas-based company, Mybushotel, transforms old buses into fully functional hotels. Not only can you view these astonishing vehicles on their website, you can buy one for a really good price, unlike the camper I wrote about a couple weeks ago. Mybushotel is staffed by experts that all combine to create the best darn bus hotel you've ever laid eyes on, with metal, wood, and hotel specialists.

Currently, they have renovated three buses, named Leon, Barbara, and Natasha. A fourth one, Georges, is coming soon. All models start anywhere from $45,000 to $64,000, and can house three to eight people. Leon, Barbara, and Natasha all feature one master or main bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. You can also request a custom home, explain your plans, and discuss details.

The Leon starts at $58,000 and is based off of a 2003 Chevrolet Express 3500. It features, in addition to the standard rooms, a roof-top terrace, which is perfect for watching the sun go down. Thanks to solar panels, an instantaneous water heater, a fully equipped kitchen, and a comfortable bathroom, the Leon is completely independent and does not need to be hooked to water and electricity at all times.

Next up is Barbara, a 2008 Blue Bird All American School Bus that can lodge 8 people with 3 bunk beds and a double bed. Barbara is powered by a 8.3L Cummins ISC Diesel and has about 103,000 miles on it. Inside you'll find beautiful wood materials, a plethora of kitchen appliances, and an abundance of beds. Barbara will burn a $64,000 hole in your pocket, but is sure to deliver a great experience.

And last, but certainly not least, Natasha, a heavily modified 1994 Ford B700. Sitting between Barbara and Leon, Natasha starts at $45,000 and can accommodate 6 people: 2 in the master bedroom, 2 in a bunk bed, and 2 in a double bed. Eating dinner and relaxing can all be accomplished on the roof deck. Natasha is adventure oriented, and ready to conquer any rural trail. Its reliable 5.9 L Cummins Diesel won't let you down, despite its 137,000 mile odometer reading.

With fully equipped kitchens, beautiful bedrooms, and high quality materials, all Mybushotel models are the perfect vacation destination or full-time home. They aren't like regular RV's, the bathrooms are actually nice, and don't rely on external water or electricity sources. If you think about it, they're just really high quality houses with lower prices-I certainly can't argue with that.

Thanks for reading! You can learn more about the Mybushotel's on their website by clicking here.

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  • I was literally just thinking about this except my concept was to join multiple buses together to create a house for car nuts. I was thinking about a double decker attached to a city bus with lots of glass for for the living room facing nature. The other side would be tour buses and a school bus for bedrooms and kitchen. The buses would be recycled. Gutted, cut, welded, sealed and interiors installed including air pumps and solar panels. Yeahhhhh.

      12 days ago
  • Love it! Thank you for the article!

      12 days ago
  • Sign me up!

      12 days ago