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This company will pre-rust your new Land Rover Defender for you

Fancy a new Defender with some 'old' elements?

4w ago

A Dutch tuning company called Heritage Customs has made a new addition for the brand new Land Rover Defender which allows you to give it a rusty-look.

Yes, you heard that right, not 'rustic' but 'rusty'. This company will add pre-rusted parts to your Defender which sit on the bonnet and on the sides which makes an odd change to carbon fibre bits and bobs.

The car has also been fitted with bigger 22-inch wheels and an inviting dark brown leather interior which spreads throughout.

In order to complete this 'pre-rusted' look Heritage Customs can use a variety of materials from aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc and even gold. They then apply a thin layer of any of those metals to literally any interior or exterior surface and make it rusty if you want.

If not, the material can be brushed, polished or sanded to your liking. In order to get the rust-look you will need to ask for the oxidisation treatment. You can then choose to seal it straight away to protect the look, or you can allow it to corrode naturally and subsequently apply the sealant to stop the process at any point.

Would you do this to your Defender?

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Comments (25)

  • Bad idea, why would you pay for this.

      1 month ago
    • Especially when I could do it myself. I could take this stuff off and throw it in a bit of water for a few weeks and it’d be nicely rusted

        1 month ago
    • This is a company trying to be different and charging for it. Personally I don’t want rusty parts, over time that rust will run down the paintwork leaving an orange marks.

        1 month ago
  • looks awful

      1 month ago
  • I'm getting woody vibes from this except it looks a lot better

      1 month ago
  • Ah yes I want to pay more money to make my new car look shit... great idea πŸ˜‚

      1 month ago
  • I thought only Opel did that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1 month ago