This Corvette C8 has a massive rear wing and it surprisingly works

    It looks great, doesn't it?

    It's been over a year since the introduction of the controversial C8 Stingray, the first mid-engined Corvette ever made*, and people are still talking about it and still uncertain whether they like it or not.

    Several tuning companies have tried to 'improve' it and in this instance, the improvements take the shape of two interesting components from LG Motorsports: an aggressive front splitter and a massive GT2-style rear wing.

    The wing is made from carbon fiber, with carbon fiber end plates and aluminum upper mounts. According to LG Motorsports, the wing was specifically designed to maximise downforce while minimizing aero drag and, in order to prevent damaging the body, it is actually bolted directly to the frame instead of the bodywork.

    The wing costs $4,5161.90 and included in the sale, you'll also receive the mounting kit and something called 'spoiler damage package' to hide the holes you'll get by removing the factory spoiler. Unfortunately they didn't provide any pricing details about the splitter, which is also made from carbon fiber by the way, but they did say that it provides "the most downforce of any C8 splitter kit".

    LG Motosports also sells a plethora of mechanical upgrades. You can install new headers for $1,395, new driveshafts (capable of handling up to 1,400 hp) for $1,996.48. The cat-back exhaust system will set you back $2,595.95 whereas a complete exhaust package costs $4,995.95.

    *technically not the first because Chevrolet built similar concept cars in the past, but the C8 is the first to actually make it to production

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    Comments (5)

    • Love it.

        3 days ago
    • Personally I don’t like it but each to their own

        3 days ago
    • Of course. They race it at GTE category.

        3 days ago
    • Cartoonish looks exaggerated by wing

        3 days ago
    • ?? Sorry, how much is that wing ??🤔

        3 days ago


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