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This Corvette got impaled by a road sign after an accident

How could this happen?

1y ago

For this Corvette and its owner, the beginning of the year is off to a bad start. Authorities are still trying to figure out what happened. According to WKMG, there was a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 at Hallandale Beach on New Year's Eve. And while all accidents are common, this one's still worth a look.

A traffic sign would have fallen on the highway for some undetermined reason. It would then have been hit by a vehicle at high speed and thrown into oncoming traffic. The sign would then have crashed into the rear window of a Corvette belonging to a man named Malcolm.

The man thought he had been rear-ended by another car. It was only when he went out to check the damage that he realized that it was actually a road sign. Other vehicles were damaged by this sign before it landed on Malcolm's Corvette.

For example, it hit the front of a Mercedes as well as a Honda Pilot. One of the occupants of the Japanese SUV claimed that the vehicle's airbags activated and the driver had a panic attack. As a result, she had to be transported to a nearby hospital. No one appears to have been injured. It's a good thing Malcolm didn't own a C8 Corvette. With the engine in the back, the repairs would have been a lot more expensive!

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  • Looks a little photo shopped

      1 year ago
  • What's wrong with you Americans

      1 year ago