This couple used a Mercedes-AMG DTM car for their wedding

The coolest wedding car?

3y ago

Weddings over here in the UK are normally a traditional ceremony held in a graceful old church in the beautiful English countryside, accompanied by an old Rolls Royce with wedding banners draped over. But not this couple, nope.

Opting for a full race spec Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM car, this couple have perhaps the coolest wedding car possible. With a very understanding bride, racing driver Maro Engel was able to finish off their perfect wedding. Maro said “I knew, of course, that this is not necessarily the air-conditioned luxury vehicle that you would normally have on the way back to your hotel".

He goes onto say “Also, climbing into the car as well as the heat in the cockpit obviously present certain challenges". Another issue was that he had to help her get into the deep bucket seats without trapping her dress but after that, they couldn't speak inside due to the noise the car makes.

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  • I prefer the zonda cinque......saw one when i was in singapore.

      3 years ago