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T​his Custom Bronco is the Best Thing You'll See Today

I​t even has a supercharged Ford Coyote V8!

5w ago

While Ford's new Bronco is the next big thing in off roading, its 20th century predecessor hasn't lost any love in the car community. Even so, the very idea of having a new Bronco has brought the old Bronco back to the spotlight. While a normal original Bronco may fine for most, Velocity Restorations wanted to turn it up a notch...many notches actually.

A​t first sight it's clear that this isn't a normal 1975 Bronco. The green underbody workings and custom mirror-finish grey paint job alone make it stand out from the crowd. It doesn't end there however. Its hood hides a 5.0L Ford Coyote V8 mated with a 2.9L Whipple supercharger. You guessed it, the engine and supercharger are green too. While performance specs aren't specifically mentioned, I don't doubt it's fast but its wild looks make up for any lack of speed. It has a six-speed automatic with tuned exhaust. Various bright green upgrades include: sway bars, coil springs, and even the differential guard. Yes, a green diff guard!

I​nside this beast of a Bronco the green theme continues, still keeping the classic feel that a Bronco has. The seats are stitched green into a honeycomb pattern that that persists to the doors as well. Being a resto-mod modern touches are present. Velocity Restorations added electric windows, and a new Alpine stereo. If interested, you can contact Velocity for pricing. Who needs the newest Bronco when you can have this?

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