This custom Jeep Wrangler looks like it's straight out of a scary movie

This is a Jeep Wrangler designed to be the world's angriest Jeep by Oracle Lighting, a Louisiana-based automotive aftermarket company which operates in the "vehicle lighting business".

Justin Hartenstein, director of product development at Oracle Lighting, was very specific about this. He said that the company wanted to do something special for Holloween. "Our team wanted to design a sinister-looking Jeep".

Well, they pulled it off. Oracle has fitted new custom LED lights all over the place. At the front, you'll find a Demon Eye ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination system and a Vector Pro-Series grille with something called DRLs, which stands for "sequentially-firing daytime running lights", which basically means it is very shiny. Underneath the body there are LED red lights and a set of illuminated LED wheel rings on each brake rotor.

The company says that even though this is how they've designed the car, customers can buy each of these products separately. For example, the Demon Eye ColorSHIFT Projector Illumination system costs $399.95 while the Vector Pro-Series grille can be yours for $895.00. Altogether, all of these things combined would set you back $1,640.82 and, for some reason, it is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

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  • I think someone has had a wee bit too much pumpkin spice in their espresso.

    13 days ago
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  • This is to much, i hate it.

    13 days ago
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