This customised classic Volkswagen Beetle is a project car done right

Complete with a 377hp Subaru Boxer engine, this Beetle is definitely one to admire, and one that Speedhunters would be proud of.

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic cars of all time. From its initial production in Germany after World War II, the Beetle was hugely popular in Europe and North America throughout the 20th century for its compact design and accessibility. In 1997, Volkswagen introduced a new version of the Beetle - which again was beloved worldwide.

This brings us on to how Adonis (who is featured in the video above) started a 10 year restoration project to fulfil a lifelong dream of his. As a child, Adonis would spend his summer days riding in the back of his uncle's old Beetle to the beach, which inspired him to one day have a Beetle of his own. Years later, Adonis was in the passenger seat of his friend's own modded Beetle - and this was what made him buy one.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's beautiful, isn't it?

So how did he do this? He got his hands on a 2.0 litre EJ20 Subaru engine, put it into his Beetle and strapped a T3/T4 turbocharger with fuel mods to the motor. A ported intake and exhaust gave the Beetle additional air, creating a power output of 377bhp. To ensure that the Beetle didn't fall apart under acceleration, Adonis installed a protective roll cage, as well as a new suspension to make the car as study as possible, complete with featured custom coilovers and polyurethane bushing on all corners. BMW brakes were fitted on the front, and Volkswagen brakes on the rear to ensure increased stopping power, and to finish the performance enhancements - a new hydraulic handbrake was fitted.

The car's exterior was completed with styling from the original Speedhunters Beetle, with custom BBS widened wheels fitted to compliment the Beetle's wide arches. To top it off, a large spoiler was fitted on the rear to generate extra downforce.

As a project car, there are few out there that can compete with the likes of Adonis's beloved Beetle. To turn an old Type 1 VW Beetle from a 60mph cruiser to a near 400bhp beast is not an easy feat at all - so full credit to Adonis for making his lifelong dream a reality.


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