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This Dodge Challenger stretch limo is the ultimate way to arrive at any event

Every now and then, you stumble across an online classifieds listing that really delivers the goods, and this mad eBay listing is exactly what I'm talking about.

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As car people, one of our many pastimes will no doubt include trawling through the online classifieds – often to find or keep tabs on the values of a car we're looking to buy, but in many cases to see just what weird and wacky things we can find out there, such as a Volvo V70 turned into an Imperial Star Destroyer.

In the case of this eBay listing, it might be a bit more down-to-earth than the intergalactic Volvo, but it's certainly no less remarkable as this 2013 Dodge Challenger has been diced in half and turned into a stretch limousine.

It might not rival Clarkson's Fiat Giant Panda or Hammond's MG F bowling alley for sheer length, but this drastically converted muscle car is certainly a much higher quality item than either Top Gear creations, with a claimed $175,000 having been spent on turning it into the machine you see here – although it can now be yours for a mere $32,500 as the seller is looking for a quick sale, having reduced it from its original asking price of $45,000.

Being a flood damage-titled car – although the seller claims the reason for this is due to it sitting in just six inches of water when heavy rain filled the original dealership's lot when the car was new, and that it was never truly flooded – was a likely motivator for why it was chosen as the candidate for such a chop and splice, which has seen it receive a 140-inch stretch.

Sporting rear gullwing doors for easy entry, it features a TV and bar in the back, along with laminate wood flooring, although ultimately looks like a standard run-of-the-mill limo in the back.

However, the seller notes that the real value of this particular Challenger is as an advertising tool, claiming that "it is an advertising machine, wherever it goes people come running with their phones taking pics and videos and posting it on social media, as well as coming to you to get a business card."

It's certainly one hilariously unique creation, this Challenger limo, but we want to know...

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