This Dodge Dakota wishes it was a BMW

At least they went for the small BMW grille...

5w ago

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you can't afford to buy the car you wanted to get. In this case, the owner of this Dodge Dakota clearly wanted a BMW, but instead ended up with a pickup.

In order to solve the issue of not owning an X5 or 3 Series, the owner has fitted a small BMW grille and added a new badge to the front of the car and on all four wheels to try and trick you into thinking this was a German vehicle.

It can't be said whether non-BMWs look good with a kidney grille, but the initial reaction is not so much. As for the badge which has been careful positioned at the front, it doesn't look all that OEM, but tis may be a different story to the untrained eye.

Would you do this to your pickup?

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Comments (23)

  • Wait until you see the pics of the M badge on the tailgate 🥸

      1 month ago
  • Question is, does he use his indicators?

      1 month ago
  • Looks better than the new IX

      1 month ago
  • Lots of people can’t afford things they want but to add BMW bits to this pickup shows the delusional state of the owner.

    Everyone looks on in horror! Owner has no idea!

      1 month ago
  • Wait till it screams past you with a BMW engine in there lol

      1 month ago