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This drag race shows the difference between the Lexus LFA and the LC500

Want a visual demonstration at the difference between Lexus' current flagship, and the greatest car they've ever made? Here it is...

2y ago

The Lexus LFA represents a point in the company’s history that they’ll never be able to replicate. It is a car of such brilliance, you get the impression that Lexus themselves doesn’t know how to bring such a creature to life again. Lexus on the other hand is incredulously persistent in their claims that their latest flagship - the LC500 - is a successor to the LFA, and a worthy one at that. The drag race video below however tells a very different story.

Held by the good people at Carwow, the above video shows a drag race between the LC500 and the LFA. Even if you’d never seen either of these cars before, from the very moment you hear both of them rev on the start line, you’re abundantly aware that the LFA belongs to a far higher class.

The LC500 is one of the last remaining naturally aspirated cars - and for that, we thank it from the bottom of our petrol-lined hearts. The LFA however isn’t just naturally aspirated - it’s one of the top 5 greatest cars ever made. With the muscly 5 litre V8 bellowing like a tenor with bronchitis, the 4.8L V10 in the LFA screams like a demented spirit.

With the LC500 producing 473bhp, and the LFA 552, you would imagine the outcome of the drag race would be a convincing win for the LFA. And you’d be spot on! It pulls away like the LC500 isn’t even moving. And all while it’s doing this, it’s tormenting it with the noise shooting out of its exhaust pipes.

Next, the two cars square up for a rolling drag race - and exactly the same thing happens again. Finally, the two brake as hard as they can from 60mph, and once again, the LFA is victorious. With the LC500 not only fighting an 80 horsepower deficit, but also a 772lb (350kg) weight difference, the result is to be expected.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the LC500 very much. I think it’s a great grand tourer, and for the money that Lexus charges - just under £74,000 - I think you’d be a mug to buy anything else in that sector. The LFA however was a £340,000 car upon its release - and even at that price, Lexus didn’t make a penny on them. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to pick one up for less than £500,000!!

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (11)

  • Lfa is so good lexus can never make it again.

      2 years ago
  • 340 to 500 ...? No way its goiung up and up... hahaha

      2 years ago
  • I always view the LC500 as a successor to the Soarer rather than the LFA

      2 years ago
  • The V10 supra rules

      2 years ago
  • The LFA sounds magnificent!

      2 years ago