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This Electric '67 Mustang from Russia is amazing, but all wrong

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Converting classic cars into EVs has been a thing lately. It is somewhat like doing a restomod, except you are selling the soul to the Devil. Jaguar is doing it, Aston Martin too, and now a startup-company from Russia, Avian-Motors, is doing it to the Mustang.

Just a wrong thing to do

It should be clear to anyone why this is all wrong. Ford Mustang, a symbol of the American free spirit and rumbling juvenile noise, conceived during the cold war against communist Russia, is now in the hands of Russians and they have taken its noisy heart out.

It is not even bad for your lungs or the planet anymore. The rock music has been replaced by a goddamn hippie drum circle.

Some say, Lee Iacocca, father of the Ford Mustang, died after he heard about the news. Here is his reaction to it:

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But is it any good?

Let's forget for a moment that we are talking about a '67 Mustang Fastback and judge it on its own merits.

We know that electric cars can be quite punchy when you floor them, and this one is no different. The so-called R67 comes with 840hp, 700lb ft of torque and dual motors that drive all four wheels. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that 0-60mph will be quick. 2.2 seconds quick to be exact. And that makes it quicker than any other production car on the planet.

The top speed is limited to 155mph due to the 50-year-old aerodynamics, and even halfway to there an active rear wing and diffusor will deploy.

It also comes with the adaptive air suspension that lowers at speed, and all the other electronic stability help you can get.

The range tops out at 315 miles (507km) on a full charge, courtesy of 100kW-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

The body is all aluminum and carbon fiber, which means no real Mustangs have been harmed in the process. On the inside, you'll find a large Tesla-like touchscreen, six airbags, dual air-con, heated seats, and all the other modern gizmos.

There will even be an external sound-system shouting out fake Shelby GT500 noises.

All in all, it is quite a car! Will be quite a car. Right now it is in the pre-produciton stage.

But it is a Mustang!

So here is the dilemma. Obviously, it is a very capable electric cars or any car for that matter. It is using all the best and latest technologies, and it looks absolutely amazing thanks to those 1960s styling gurus.

One day we will even see an electric Mustang coming straight out of Ford, I'm sure. But the question remains:

Should Iconic Classic cars be electrified?

Would you rather have V8 Mustang '67 or the Electric Mustang R67?


Written by: Styp P