This Electric bike claims to be the 'Fastest bike in the world!'

Notwithstanding its looks, it has a shove of 850 Nm!

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Gasoline machines are dying a slow death, not only in the non-fiction world, but in my articles too and electric machines are fast transcending them. Bikes, cars, buses, etc., electrification is finding its way everywhere. But what to do? Maybe we were the ones who invited it or it came indirectly as a death call for internal combustion engines thanks to the tight emission norms, people are bantering about across the globe.

Like me, if you are a gasoline fanatic, it is going to hurt you. However, what I will be describing in the next few paragraphs, is something that is sure to exhort you to start believing in EVs and you might not have any gripes from them. So here it is, rather than being an inkhorn or unnecessary pleonastic in my approach, I will tell you straight away that the bike you see in these visuals is not to get your gustatory buds drooling and it is not even the pioneer in the switch to electrification. But, it is one which sanctimoniously anticipates to have the fastest nought to sixty figures smothering any big bikes you'd have seen or dabbled with.

It is being built by a novice Australian-based firm, Ed Motorcycles and will be called the Concept Z until the bike reaches the threshold of production. While it might resemble a stunt bike like the 'Sanchez' popular in the video game GTA Vice City, there is one big (and probably the only discrepancy) with the former, its cavernous electric battery between the two wheels giving it a top speed of 150 Km/h (93 mph) and a torque figure of 850 Nm! What's interesting is that the entire torque is transmitted to the rear axle. Here's wishing it good luck! To manage all that torque, the motor is endowed by a controller that decides how much power to unleash. The motor is air-cooled and brushless to ensure that the maintenance cost is kept to a minimum.

A Sevcon Gen 4 775 amp controller also lends 52 kWh of energy for brisk acceleration. The battery bears the configuration of 99 V lithium-ion. More the speed, more should be the stopping power. Hence, it gets a 4-piston 298 mm front disc brake and a single piston 220 mm disc at the rear.

This bike might appear to be crude but that is not its fault as the company wants to warp on the erstwhile prominent purpose over style philosophy. What leaves me bamboozled is the longanimity of the bike as the battery isn't tucked in but is exposed in such a way that it might scrape its belly against the floor. That being said, I am sure the start-up will have a solution for it too and I can't wait to see this bike fly like the wind catapulting forward with incessant thrust.

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  • It needs a bit more development if it's using current technology, liquid cooling for the batteries is the only way to ensure battery life at the moment. Obviously this is changing at an astonishing rate with solid-state cell technology looming in the near future where cooling becomes far less important. I'm always delighted to see new technology being turned into real world stuff we can dream of buying, using and enjoying. I believe the generation being born now will be the first not to operate vehicles themselves. Cars, planes and bikes will become something you accompany, not directly control... until then, we can have our last hurrah on fabulous inventions like this! Now hoverboards...

      28 days ago
  • Wow 😮 What else is there to say? Pretty amazed

      28 days ago