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This epic fail proves a Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe won’t drift

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It seems obvious that SUVs don't make natural drift cars. With tall centres of gravity, loads of weight and dubious body control they don't even look like they should go sideways.

This hasn’t stopped one owner trying to slide one though, with disastrous results.

What were they thinking?

To be honest – we have no idea. The clip was originally shared on Reddit and was captured in the French city of Nantes, showing the moment the Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 63 S decided to go for a bit of a tumble.

Now, we all know that trying to slide any car on the public road is a bit of a silly thing to do, but trying to slide a massively tall SUV is just downright idiotic.

Turning your world upside down in a rental

Making matters worse for the driver, it’s reported that the GLE Coupe in question was rented for a wedding – here’s to hoping they took out the optional additional damage waiver.

According to witnesses, the driver of the GLE Coupe had the traction and stability control switched off at the time of the accident, making this epic fail even more idiotic still.

The Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe 63 S produces 585bhp and 561lb/ft of torque – or enough to literally turn your world upside down.

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  • Quite simple to answer the how... he opened up his talent bag to find it was empty

    5 months ago
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  • How did it tip so easily? all AMG models should be able to burn rubber, no matter the size.

    5 months ago
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