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This fake Tesla Cybertruck is an amazing replica of the original model

People will be fooled!

1y ago

The Tesla Cybertruck was undoubtedly one of the biggest automotive events of 2019. Its science-fiction-inspired styling was particularly noticed. All die-hard pick-up truck enthusiasts hate this vehicle, while those who don't own a pick-up truck could on the contrary buy it.

The Russian YouTube channel garage_54 decided to make its own replica of the Cybertruck. But unlike other people, the Russians decided to make a very high quality replica. It all started with an old UAZ 4x4 that has nothing in common with the futuristic Tesla pickup truck. Today, the vehicle is almost ready to hit the road.

The replica already seems to fit the dimensions of the real Cybertruck enough. The attention to detail is very high when you start to focus on the replica. For example, the wheel arches are identical, as are the front and rear bumpers. The only thing left would be the engine. The replica will be equipped with an internal combustion engine.

Why? Quite simply because placing an electric motor would be extremely expensive, especially to move such a heavy vehicle properly. It was therefore wiser to use a less expensive conventional combustion engine. Despite this, this copy of the Tesla Cybertruck is by far the most successful. Well done guys!

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