This family turned an old Beetle into a campervan and named it 'Lil bugger'

What an epic project!

20w ago

I am starting to get fed up of only writing and reading about the latest and greatest supercars from around the world. After a while it begins to get tiresome and it's nice to have some time away from it and to cleanse the pallet, and this car is precisely that.

Last week, I got in touch with a like-minded car enthusiast called Charlotte who has built this incredible VW Beetle campervan with her father and it might just be the coolest thing on our roads today.

This Beetle (otherwise known as 'Lil Bugger' or Super Bugger) is based on a 1971 VW Beetle. Charlotte and her family purchased the car back in 2015 along with some drawings from RQ Riley (who specialise in these kind of conversions) and 3 years later found a suitable candidate for the conversion.

The orange Beetle in question had spent much of its life near the Lancashire coastline and as a result was in very poor condition. It had been sat around for 9 years which had caused the tyres to perish. As well as this, the doors were jammed shut and plenty of rust holes appeared, but this didn't stop them.

After seeing this, they began the build, and as you can see, it has turned out perfectly. Thankfully, they had restored classic VW campervans before, but never a Beetle, so at least they had a little bit of previous knowledge.

This Beetle is running the same engine it left the factory with but has obviously been cleaned up a bit and appears to run like a dream. On top of this, they have fitted a wooden frame Super Bugger to the back, pear coloured interior cabinets, and interior walls insulated and ply-lined with "cotton effect" 3mm ply-wood.

Charlotte and her father also installed a 14" x 14" Roof vent, 12v electrics with interior & exterior lighting and chose to keep the standard VW steel wheels with the rears being 10". The exterior is of course finished in a lovely bright orange which really pops in the sunlight.

All in all, this is an extremely tidy build and I can imagine is great fun to go away in. The family haven't yet been able to take it away on the trip but hope to in the near future. And they enjoyed building this one so much that they have plans to build another!

So, if you're keen on keeping up to date with Charlotte's builds, then make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel which I will link down below. It's also worht subscribing just for her music, she is a great singer #MusicTribePlug...

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Comments (13)

  • What a great looking thing. You’re right it does make a pleasant change from the normal hyper-Supercars.

      4 months ago
  • 2 things that have been hated have been taken together and made into something magnificent

      4 months ago
  • LOVE IT. Creative. Appears to be well executed. Props.

      4 months ago
  • Really interesting. I’d like to know more and things like packaging around that rear air cooled engine, what the view from the drivers seat is like since the driving seat (blindspots) is actually inside the camper.

      4 months ago
  • I have the odd desire to buy it.

      4 months ago